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After a two year hiatus, we're back with the fantastic, sweet, funny Jackie Kashian! This episode was recorded almost 2 years ago but life got in the way of art. Now we're stoked ti finally put it out into the ether. In this episode we talk about Jackie's podcast The Dork Forest (and podcasting in general), comedy festivals, things called books, and more!

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This week we have artist and musician Chepo Pena as our guest. In this episode we talk about his band Karaoke Apocalypse, his artwork, and there's a good chance we geek out about Star lot. Check out his band here and his website here


We also talk about loteria, Tim Doyle, Comic Con, Britt Daniel, Spoon, JJ Abrams, George Lucas, A Curious Mix of People, Sincola, Gomez, and more!

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This week The Texas KGB gets on mic to talk about their new album Captain Americana, their love for Christopher Guest movies, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and more! Follow them on Twitter @TheTexasKGB, like them on Facebook, and click here to catch them live! 

Some of the things we talked about include: Spinal Tap, A Mighty Wind, Best in Show, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, comic books, Captain America and more!

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For our 50th episode we hang out with the Seattle band Ephrata at Austin's Waveform Rehearsal Studio! We had a great chat about the current Seattle music scene, playing their first SXSW, making music videos, and they also play a live set for us! 

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This episode shares the stories of 3 families affected by the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and how they've adapted to their own unique circumstances. This is a departure from our normal format but we were extremely excited (and challenged) to give it our best to help promote the upcoming Give Autism A Chance Summit.

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We're closing out the month of March with the hilarious comedian Ryan Cownie! Ryan hosts Avalanche Comedy at Holy Mountain every Monday. In this episode we talk about performing at the Moontower Comedy Festival, being a nanny, and the new Spiderman reboot. Follow him on Twitter @RyanCownie and check out his MySpace page here

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This week we met comedian, podcaster, and all around good guy John Tole at the ABGB for a fantastic conversation. We talked about comedy, Star Wars, JJ Abrams, spirituality, and media programming. 

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For our fortieth episode we hung out with owner Josh Hare and brewer Bob Galligan of Hops and Grain Brewing! The guys were kind enough to invite us into the brewery to check out their new tap room and discuss their recent expansion, living in Colorado, and beer! Follow them on Twitter @hopsandgrain and like them on Facebook!

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Comedian Joe Hafkey joins us for this session to talk about his comedy roots, co-hosting Jazz Cigarrette, and he performs a surprise television intervention. Follow him on Twitter (@joehafkey) and Facebook

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Actor Sam Eidson, the lead in the dramedy Zero Charisma, hangs out with us for this episode. We talked about Game of Thrones, Coen Brothers movies, and his first starring role in Zero Charisma! Follow him on Twitter @sammyeidson

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Chris Troutman, co-founder of the Austin Beer Guide and the Draught Punk podcast joined us at the ABGB to chat over some pints. We talked about balancing his family life with his passions, the evolution of the ABG, podcasts, comedy, and music! You can follow him on Twitter at several places: @AustinBeerGuide @BeerTownAustin @Draught_Punk.

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Frontman Michael Kingcaid of What Made Milwaukee Famous hangs out with us and talks about the watching The Divine Fits play live, the worst traffic in the world, an infatuation with the Smashing Pumpkins, and the evolution of What Made Milwaukee Famous! Follow them on Twitter @wmmfamous and like them on Facebook

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Director, writer, and editor Don Swaynos is our guest on this episode of Austin Sessions. In this session we talked to Don about filming in Austin, working with comedians, shooting Jesse Dayton music videos, and his hilarious directorial debut Pictures of Superheroes. Follow him on Twitter @DonSwaynos and go to his website to check out his other projects! 

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Daniel and Lauren Goans from the band Lowland Hum are our guests for this week's session. They visited Texas on the last leg of their "Native Air" tour and stopped in Austin for the first Austin Sessions Presents music showcase. We met up before the show to talk about their music, touring, and how they met. They also played some songs off their new album! 

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Karen Yates, Mike Woolf and Andrew Yates, the creative minds behind the production company Beef and Pie are this week's guests! In this session we discuss how these guys met, making documentaries, and collaborating with Austin Beerworks! Check out their website here, follow them on Twitter @beefandpie and give them a Like on Facebook

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This weeks guest is Matt Sever, aka Matt the Electrician. Matt's ninth and latest album "It's a Beacon, It's a Bell" was recorded in a friend's garage and released last month. In this session we talk about his origins, touring, the evolution of the music industry plus Matt plays some songs! Follow him on Twitter @MattTheE and check out his website to catch a show! 

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It's Austin Beer Week and we thought it fitting to release the second part of our GABF series. This episode has "on the fly" mini-sessions with Adam from Austin Beerworks,  Darren from Avery Brewing, and craft beer enthusiasts in town for GABF! These interviews were recorded at Great Divide BrewingBreckenridge Brewery (on Blake), Freshcraft, and of course the Beerliner

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Katie Graham and Andrew Matthews, directors of Zero Charisma are this weeks guests! The dark comedy centers on Scott, the game master of a fantasy role playing game, and his circle of friends. Scott is simultaneously dealing with a strained family life and hipster Miles, who he believes is an incsincere RPG tourist and the catalyst of all his problems. We talk about their background, moving from California to Austin, their previous work and much more! Zero Charisma is available on VOD, AmazoniTunesVudu,Google Play and Xbox! 

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This episode features craft beer ambassador Tony Drewry! The Great American Beer Festival was this past weekend in Denver and coincided with our photographer Taylor's bachelor party which means…we went to Denver! We caught up with Tony on the NXNW Beerliner to chat him up over a "few" beers. Michael Peticolas (Peticolas Brewing) makes a surprise guest appearance. Follow them both on Twitter @BeerPedaler and @Peticolas

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Comedian Bryan Gutmann hangs out with Jason and I for our latest session. Funniest Person (2007), the Just For Laughs festival, Moontower comedy festival, and Live at Gotham are just a few scores Bryan has under his comedic belt. We had a great discussion about comedy, Twitter, and (spoiler free) Breaking Bad! 

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This week's guest is Adrian Whipp, owner of Lumiere Tintype. I met Adrian and his wife Loren one Saturday morning after an extremely filling meal at La Barbecue. Adrian met up with us at Hopfields to talk growing up in England, moving to Austin, and of course the art of tintype. Follow them on Twitter @Lumiere_Tintype and check out their website for more details! 

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Owner of the Musicians Woodshed, Tony Walsh, is this week's guest on Austin Sessions. We talk about the Beatles, working in Hollywood, meeting Robin Williams, and his trek from London to the states!

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For this Twitter fueled episode Jason, and I sat down with KLBJ's Dudley and Bob contributor and aspiring comedian Adam Wolf. Special guest host Mike Cullen joined us as we hung out at the Dig Pub and talked about comedy, Twitter, and random thoughts that might or might not make sense. Follow both Adam & Mike (@AdamWolf77 & @Cullenwitz) on Twitter! 

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I met up with podcaster and broadcaster Charlie Hodge at Bone Daddy's for this week's episode. My conversation with Charlie bounced from working with Dudley and Bob at KLBJ, to producing his own podcast, to life as a dad. This episode has it all! Follow him on Twitter at @charlieFNhodge and subscribe to the Hodgecast!  

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Roman Morales, founder and chief creative director of Odd City Entertainment invited me to his home (and temporary studio) to record this session. We talked about Odd City's role in Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim, old Austin mexican restaurants, hanging with Harry Knowles, meeting Robert Rodriguez, and more!

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Comedian Steve Cox hangs out with me (sans Jason) and we talk shop over some pints. Bonus guests Eric Kennedy and Nicole Torres from the When In Austin podcast hang out and chat with us! Some topics of interest that were discussed: $5 all-you-can-drink liquor, strips clubs, and gun defense against Satan!

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Owner of Helms Workshop, award-winning designer, and brand developer Christian Helms hangs out with us for this session. Full disclosure: Growlers were emptied during this making of this episode. In this session we talked about working with Spoon, hosting Anthony Bourdain during SXSW, opening Frank, and podcasts!

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For our tenth episode Jason and I shared some beers with comedian Katie Pengra. Discussion topics: LA auditions, Stephen King, Joss Whedon, meeting Marc Maron and more!

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The guys over at Thirsty Planet invited us over one Saturday morning (before the tours) to sit down and chat. There may or may not have been some early morning beers. I mean, come on…it's Saturday. We talk with Brian, Ben, and Marc about the expansion of the brewery, the Austin Gorilla Run, and…and….oh right, beer!

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For this session ​I made the short drive to Blanco to hang out with Jon, Jan, and Tasha Brieger at Redbud Cafe. We discuss the evolution of their business, teaming up with Real Ale brewing, Tasha's acquisition of Hill Country Lavender, and lots more! 

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Musician and poet Kevin Gant talks with us at a good friend's house in east Austin. (Thanks Adam!Gant's documentary Kevinby Jay Duplass, is on Netflix and gives a glimpse into the life of the singer/songwriter. We talked about raising children, online networking, recording his new album, and he plays some of his songs!

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The Return of the Jedi of my unplanned Beer Trilogy! Austin Sessions episode #3 is once again based in delicious craft beer goodness!  This session Jason and I hung out at the Dig Pub with owners Todd and Christy Wink. In this session our conversation was all over the place. We discuss building a small business brand, ascap fees, doulas, and band hopping! 

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